Cleveland Gas Prices – Graph of the Week 3/30/16

I only need to fill up with gasoline about every other week – so that leaves time for some gyrating prices and surprises at the pump. Lately, the surprises have been mostly good. The Graph of the Week for this week looks at the gasoline prices in Cleveland OH since May 2003. This is the All Grades, All Formulations average (in dollars per gallon) as computed by the Energy Information Administration, part of the Department of Energy.

Gas prices
Cleveland Retail Gas Prices, All formulations

One of those above $4.00 a gallon peaks in 2008 coincided with a trip we made to Toronto. We had to fill up before we headed back, and when we bought gas the posted price was in Canadian dollars per liter. After filling and starting to drive, I started to do some mental math to convert the liters to gallons, and the Canadian dollars to U.S. By the time I got the approximateprice – it was heading towards $6 a gallon, as I recall.