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Bruce Kratofil of BJK Research is a market researcher, economist, and writer. He can take a disorganized mass of data and use it to tell a coherent, actionable story. Get help with many types of business problems:

* Data analysis using Excel, Access, SPSS, Qlikview, Salesforce.com and Tableau.
* Web analytics using Adobe Omniture, Google Analytics and comScore.
* GIS using Nielsen PrimeLocation, MapInfo and ArcGIS.
* Consumer behavior analysis using Scarborough PrimeLingo and SurveyMonkey.
* Advertising spending analysis using Kantar, MOAT Pro, and Media Radar.
* HTML and CSS skills using Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and WordPress.
* Content creation in economics, finance, computer hardware, software.

Find out more about past projects in market research, web design, and content creation.

Read the blog to see topics such as software and security bugs, the Graph of the Week, and software reviews.