Notable Deaths – Michael Novak and Hans Rosling

I’m a little bit late, but there were two notable deaths last week, Michael Novak and Hans Rosling.

Novak on Morality and Capitalism

The author Michael Novak, who wrote The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism among many other books, gradually moved from an academic liberalism to defending the moral basis of capitalism. He tried to stake a Catholic claim to match Max Weber’s much earlier The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.  It has been many years since I read the book, but this will be a good time to re-read it.

Master of Data Visualizations

The Grim Reaper also took Hans Rosling, who gave some of my favorite TED Talks.  He used innovative data visualizations to show the progress of human health over the years. You may want to start with this talk, but there are others you can get to from this page.